If your dreams of opening your own gift store are coming true, you are probably in a hurry to have the great opening before Christmas, aren't you? If that's the case, you are more than likely feeling a bit overwhelmed. Do you have all of the store design plans completed? Maybe you have been focusing on the set up for the inside of the store.

If so, you are probably focusing on the storefront design, right? From deciding on the design you want to selecting additional decor for the front of your store, here are some ideas that might help you.

Select The Storefront Design - If your store calls for a regular door, select a fabulous one. For example, even if the door that's already in place is a plain wooden one, have it painted a bold color like red or turquoise. If you get to choose the door yourself, think of the look you want to establish. For example, if the items you will be carrying in your gift shop are on the rustic side, you'll probably want a rustic wooden door. If the merchandise in your store is elegant, go with a gorgeous, elegant door.

Perhaps the store already has a glass front, If that's the case, consider ordering window clings that will make your store stand out. For example, if you will be carrying world market gifts, a cling wrap of something like The Eiffel Tower would be a great choice. If your store carries rustic gifts, a cling wrap that depicts a charming cottage in the woods would be perfect.

Cling wraps are very affordable and they are designed to withstand outdoor weather. They're also relatively easy to remove. That means that you can change the cling wrap for each season if you want to do that.

Select Additional Decor - Consider adding more decor on the outside of your storefront. For example, a faux topiary on each side of the entrance would be a nice touch. Perhaps you'd like a charming lamp post set in a strategic place of the front of your new gift store. 

Even the doormat you select will add interest to your storefront. You could special order one with the name of your new store as the focal point of the design. Or, go with using different doormats for each season. Since Christmas is right around the corner, a very appropriate doormat might be one that simply says Merry Christmas in bright red lettering. 

To learn more about storefront doors, contact a storefront door installation service in your area.