Many homeowners favor frameless shower doors because they are easy to clean and maintain. These enclosures also don't only come with heavy frames but are also easy to install. However, frameless shower doors aren't immune to damage, and due to wear and tear, you might have to invest in repairs at some point. Here are some common frameless shower door repairs.

Swinging Shower Door

If your shower door keeps popping open and doesn't close, this is a wear and tear issue. Sometimes, you will find that the door scrapes the bottom when you open or close it. There are even times when you notice that the shower door doesn't close.

When you see your shower door swinging, it most likely needs to be tightened. The problem is mainly with the latches, hinges, and handles. To avoid causing more damage, you should call a technician to fasten the door with the right tools.

Dragging Shower Door

Another common problem with frameless shower enclosures is a dragging door. This happens because the door is misaligned. If debris or water builds up on the door's tracks, it may fall out of alignment. While this problem might seem like a DIY job, it involves removing the door from the track and cleaning the area. Correcting the alignment requires the skill and experience of a frameless shower door technician.

Scratches on the Shower Door 

Scratches affect not only the aesthetics of your shower door but also the bathroom's ambiance. Glass is very sensitive, and these marks are inevitable because of wear and tear. To resolve this problem, a shower door technician must treat the glass with a solution that clears off the scratches. For severe scratches, your technician will fill in the defects.

Leaking Shower Door

One of the most annoying problems with shower doors is leaks. These may be resolved by tightening loose screws. Another probable cause is the seal around the edges. You will have to consult a shower door technician to fix this issue.

Damaged Shower Door Glass

If your shower door has a large crack or dent, you will have to replace it to maintain the aesthetics of your bathroom. Replacing a broken shower door also helps prevent hazards. For example, the shower door glass may fall off unexpectedly and injure you.

DIY replacement of damaged glass is risky because the process is delicate. First, you must remove the shattered glass and install the new one. To avoid accidents or ruining the new glass, you should leave the glass replacement to a shower door professional.