For people who live in areas that are prone to getting tropical storms or hurricanes, like Florida, protecting yourself and your property is paramount. There are three common options for protecting your windows from storms and hurricanes: impact-resistant windows, hurricane windows, and hurricane shutters.  

Contrary to common belief, impact windows and hurricane glass are not the same. Impact windows are more resistant to damage than hurricane windows. Impact windows can withstand more blunt force before breaking than hurricane glass.  

Here are four reasons you should consider getting impact windows installed before the next hurricane season.  

1. Staying Prepared for a Storm

When the National Weather Service warns about an incoming hurricane, people often rush to hurricane shelters or start putting up their hurricane shutters. If you are away on a business trip or visiting another state, chances are you will not find someone who can put up hurricane shutters for your home or business windows. As a result, the hurricane will ravage your house and cause tremendous damage to your belongings. 

However, if you install impact windows, you don't have to get ready for an incoming storm. Besides, impact windows only need to be installed once because they also serve as regular windows. With impact windows, you are always ready to face a storm.  

2. Noise Reduction 

People who live near a busy intersection, night club, or railway track often get annoyed by the amount of outside noise that enters the house, especially at night when they are sleeping. If you don't want the occasional sleep disruption at night due to outside noise, consider installing impact windows.  

Impact windows are constructed from impact-resistant glass. Impact-resistant glass is constructed by laminating multiple panes together to form a single thick glass pane. Due to the thickness of the glass, it is difficult for outside noises to enter your home. You get to enjoy serene silence and a good night's sleep.  

3. Energy Efficiency

Impact window installation also serves as an energy saver when it comes to air conditioning. Impact windows are designed to reduce the amount of solar radiation that enters the house during summer. Additionally, the glass prevents the interior warmth from escaping the house during the winter or cold season. In both cases, the impact glass windows minimize the need for you to use your air conditioning or heating systems. With reduced use of your HVAC unit, you can minimize your energy bill and save money.  

4. Increased Home Security

Besides protecting your home against damage from hurricane winds, impact windows also keep burglars away. In many cases, burglars break a window to gain access to your house and steal your valuables. However, if you install impact windows properly on your house, a burglar can't gain access through them. Impact-resistant glass is designed to withstand extreme amounts of force. Even if a burglar tries to break the glass with a crowbar, the glass will not yield. Impact glass is an ideal security solution for your home's windows because it is impenetrable.