If you need a mobile window screen repair unit to visit your home, you may have the misconception that there is only one type of screen. The truth is there are several options you can choose from. If you need window screen repair, your repair technician can help you with the varieties they have available. Here are a few of the repair options you should know about and how they may be beneficial for your mobile window screen repair. 

Solar Screens

Solar screens are designed to keep heat out of the home. They help with energy costs throughout the summer months and can be beneficial during colder months as well. They fit on the outside of your windows and act as a barrier. You can see through the screens, but most people will not be able to see into your home. This means that they offer both a protective layer to help lower your energy costs and add privacy. Some of the screens also offer a variant shade level that increases or decreases depending on the amount of sunlight on the windows at the time. 

Security Screens

Security screens offer several benefits that many homeowners find useful. The first is they work as a traditional screen to the window, allowing all the uses of a traditional screen and its protection. The second benefit is in the security features of the screen. For example, security screens are generally made of high tensile material, making it hard for someone to cut through the screen and enter the home. It also helps prevent other forms of forced entry or damage that would normally lead to entry and theft from your home. These screens can be used on windows and glass doors throughout the home and can be applied by a mobile window screen repair unit. 

Privacy Screens

The issue for you and your windows may be with how much privacy the window or screens offer you. This is especially true when your home is near a busy roadway where anyone driving by can see into the home if your curtains are open. Privacy screens have a reflective finish. This finish allows you to see out. However, the reflective screen makes it difficult for someone to look into your home. In most cases, the view inside the home tends to be dark as if a shade has been pulled down. 

If any of these options seem ideal for your mobile window screen repair, discuss them with your repair technician. They can let you know if the option will work for your windows. They can also discuss fees, installation, and if there are other alternatives you may be interested in. They can also set up other appointments if you are wanting all of your windows repaired.